Wonderland Collective PopUp Shop & Ealing Bites, Acton

I have been attending a few events by Eat Me Drink Me since the autumn: The Craft Market, the Christmas Food Market in Ealing Broadway Mall and there was also a lovely opportunity to meet  Santa and his reindeers at their Christmas Night event infront of the Town Hall which my children enjoyed.

I was therefore quite intrigued and looking forward to visiting their  Wonderland Collective Pop Up when I heard about the opening via Facebook.

I first visited the shop two weeks into their 8 week slot. It’s located in the same spot as what used to be the W3 Gallery, next to The Dragonfly Brewery. I’d also read about them holding their first ‘Ealing Bites’ session that evening so I popped by!

The aim of my visit was to hopefully kill two birds doing a bit of shopping (I knew one of my favourites Mala & Bunga who I’d met at a couple of previous events would be there and so an opportunity to check out some of her new arrivals) and to do a bit of networking.

It was a lovely atmosphere with mixing, mingling and all the ladies (and the two gents present that evening) were really friendly, openly introduced themselves, explained what they do and what their businesses are about and seemed genuinely interested in what the rest of us did for a living.

There was a pop up bar at the back of the shop and we were served a glass of wine by Mike Taylor of Park + Bridge and Vindinista who also held a very interesting talk on “How to Turn your Idea into a thriving Business” – where he shared some of his experiences starting and running the two successful businesses with his wife.

Other business owners present that evening included: Charlotte Berridge Studios, Hand Made In Ealing (with an opportunity to sample hand made chocolates), and of course Eat Me Drink Me.

Hand Made In Ealing: chocolates and sample tasting

Sure enough I came away that evening with a ‘honeycomb’ bracelet to match a similar set of earrings I’d previously bought from Mala & Bunga and of course left quite inspired.

I had parents’ evening at my eldest’s academy so missed the Ealing Bites the second week with talks from The Start Up Sisters and ‘Social Media For Business’ by Shelley Henderson from Ealing Mums in Business – I’m currently completing a Social Media Marketing course that I attend one evening a week so this one would have been an interesting one, if not only to listen to other people’s personal experiences.

However, as someone with a keen interest in photography, and although I had an event clash that evening, I managed to get there in time to catch part of the third week’s Ealing Bites by Award-winning Advertising Photographer Jonathan Cole on ‘How to take great photos‘.

“If you don’t charge what You’re worth, You become worth what you charge” Jonathan Cole

Looks like I am averaging every other week due to my other commitments so missed last week’s where the group had a tour of the Dragon Fly Brewery next door and Meet The Maker with Charlotte Berridge Studio.

The Wonderland Collective: Ealing Bites

This week, there’s a Chocolate Workshop and Tasting  with Handmade in Ealing and Meet The Makers with Victoria Eggs Ltd and Dave Viking Lighting, also a chance to do a bit of shopping for Mother’s Day gifts and look for ideas!  You can RSVP here to attend.

Update 29/03/2017: 

I attended The Chocolate Workshop and Tasting  Ealing Bites session last week with Handmade in Ealing which was very interesting!

I’m not much of a ‘chocolate lover’ but Lucy’s chocolates are delicious and I learnt quite a lot about chocolate making in the session. The wine chosen for the evening also matched incredibly well. We also were given a chance to dip truffles in chocolate dust to take home with us.

I bought a box of these delicious raspberry flavoured dark chocolates as a Mothers Day treat.

There’s another Ealing Bites on this Thursday evening and you can find out more details and RSVP here to attend.

The Pop Up has also extended its opening until Saturday 23rd April now, so more time to get some unique gifts for Easter or any other occasion.

The Wonderland Collective POP UP SHOP

185 High St, Acton W3 9DJ

Open Wednesday- Sunday

Until Saturday 22nd April

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